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Facilitated Team Time (FTT) has been a favorite of Summer Institute participants for the last three years. This time is reserved

and protected for RttT teams to develop a plan to share Summer Institute information with all LEA and Charter stakeholders,

outline action steps for delivering and evaluating appropriate professional development, and share the plan with other LEAs and Charters.


Facilitated Team Time is scheduled from 2:15-4:15 on day one and 10:45-12 and 1:00-4:00 (optional) on day two of the 2014

Summer Institute. A NCDPI facilitator will be available during the first two sessions, with an option for a facilitator during the final session.

The initial session will open with a brief overview to guide and focus the work of each team. Participants will have access to resources that

will support the development of their implementation plan and will have the opportunity to share and collaborate with other LEAs and Charters

with the help of a specially designed Google Document accessible state-wide. The NCDPI facilitator will remain in the room to serve as a

resource, a note-taker, an idea generator, a collaboration facilitator or other roles as requested by each team.


  • Share what was learned during SI 2014

  • Collaborate with LEAs/Charters across the state
  • Plan how SI 2014 will be shared with educators in your LEA/Charter
  • Focus on professional development and capacity building


  • Learners will share what was learned during SI 2014

  • Learners will collaborate with LEAs/Charters regionally and across the state
  • Learners will plan how SI 2014 will be shared with educators in your LEA/Charter
  • Learners will focus on professional development and building capacity


The LEA/Charter team lead is responsible for planning the goals that will be addressed during the collaborative time. The team lead should

bring necessary materials to further the work of the LEA/Charter professional development planning process (PD calendars, PD plan,

questionnaire/survey results, etc.).

Prior to attending facilitated team time, please consider how you will capture your work.This could be via Microsoft Word, a Google Doc, chart paper, etc.


FTT Session Information

Contains an interactive agenda of the three FTT sessions.

FTT SI Next Steps

Contains questions for teams to consider as they construct a PD plan for 2014-2015.

FTT Collaboration Reflection

Contains a link to questions for reflection and collaboration around the state.

FTT Resources

Contains resources for teams as they plan and construct a PD plan for 2014-2015.

For Facilitators Only - FTT Facilitator's Page